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Detox does not need to be painful, scary, or dangerous. Withdrawal symptoms can keep you stuck in a never-ending cycle that feels impossible to break. Symptoms experienced from substance use disorder and detoxification can vary with each individual. We understand this and tailor each addiction treatment plan to an individual’s unique needs and symptoms. Whether you have a dependency on alcohol, opiates, opioids, benzodiazepines, methamphetamines, or other illicit or prescription drugs, we can customize a treatment program that will work for you. Our treatment modalities include medically-supervised detox, group counseling, dual diagnosis treatment and comprehensive aftercare planning and referrals. 

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Poly-Substance Abuse Detox Treatment

Sometimes individuals who are addicted to alcohol, prescription medication, or illicit drugs also abuse other substances. This is known as poly-substance abuse and is relatively common among those with substance use disorders. Because poly-substance abuse involves the chemical and psychological dependence on multiple drugs, it should be treated in a professional detox facility under close medical supervision. Withdrawal symptoms for poly-substance abuse are complex and require a customized recovery plan. At Villa San Miguel, our experienced staff uses proven and effective treatment modalities to ensure your comfort and safety, whether you are detoxing from one substance or multiple substances.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Substance abuse disorders and mental or physical disorders often exacerbate one other. In some cases, an underlying mental or physical health issue will lead to substance addiction, while in other situations, the abuse of alcohol or drugs can cause neurological side effects. When individuals have both a substance use disorder and a mental or physical health disorder, it is known as a dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorder. These co-occurring disorders can contribute to ongoing substance use or relapse if not addressed during detox and treatment. Villa San Miguel utilizes comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessments to identify and treat co-occurring disorders so that you can have the best chance at sustained sobriety.

Medication Administration, Management, & Monitoring

The first step in treating alcohol and substance addiction is a medical detox. When an individual is physically and psychologically dependent on a substance, withdrawal symptoms are not only
painful—they can be life threatening. Undergoing a medically supervised detox in a professional setting is safer and more effective than quitting “cold turkey” or trying to manage withdrawal symptoms on your own. Villa San Miguel provides 24/7 medical care during the detox process and closely monitors withdrawal symptoms using validated scales, appropriate medications, and decades of combined clinical experience. If you or a family member have questions about medication administration and monitoring during the detox process, call today to speak to a member of our care team.

Restore your body and mind at our inpatient Austin detox center with nurturing home accommodations and an award-winning chef.

Many alcohol and drug detox facilities can feel cold and uninviting. Our Central Texas inpatient facility is more like a warm, welcoming home environment. Our private rooms feature big screen TVs with streaming services, comfortable beds, and space for your personal items. With both indoor and outdoor relaxing lounge areas, you can focus on starting your detoxification and recovery in a comfortable atmosphere under the care of our expert medical staff. Our award-winning chef will prepare delicious meals while accommodating dietary requests including gluten free, vegetarian, and vegan options. Daily facility cleaning by our staff ensures all COVID-19 disinfectant policies are strictly upheld and enforced. Laundry services are also provided daily by our dedicated direct care personnel. Each individual will work closely with our case management team to address any concerns regarding work or outside logistics so that stress is minimized during medical detox and residential treatment. Finally, residents at our drug and alcohol rehab center can participate in daily group therapy and support groups to help bolster behavioral health, mental health, and relapse prevention. 

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Enjoy Door To Door Concierge Detox Care

One of the keys to successfully achieving your wellness goals is to make reaching them as easy as possible. That’s why Villa San Miguel provides a door-to-door concierge service. This service eliminates the worry and stress of arranging transportation to our Austin detox center. Whether you need transportation to our facility, a place to park your car, or logistics coordination, Villa San Miguel can help.

When you join us for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, your experience is individualized and seamless from the beginning.

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100% Confidential and Private Substance Abuse Treatment

We understand the fear of loved ones, friends, or employers finding about the decision to enter a detoxification program. This fear can keep individuals from seeking help. Every part of your journey at our recovery center is completely confidential. If you decide to involve others in your treatment, we support your decision and will disclose information at your discretion.

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